Evening Wear (Black Tie event)

Black tie event: Means a Dinner suit or Evening Wear or a Tuxedo. It consists of a Dinner Suit, bowtie and a dress shirt. If it is a formal occasion, corporate function or an awards evening, then a black bow tie and maybe a cummerbund worn around the waist with the jacket undone is more suitable.

For parties or balls, then a coloured bow tie is a popular choice of neckwear.

For a cruise function or for a different look all together, a white tuxedo is a good option especially in hot climates.

A "White Tie" event means you wear Evening Tails for very formal occasions. The outfit consists of Black Evening Tails, a white Marcella bow tie and waistcoat.

All of the above looks great finished off with a pair of black patent leather dress shoes.

Evening Wear (Black Tie event)
Evening Wear (Black Tie event)
Evening Wear (Black Tie event)

Evening Wear Outfit Collection


2-Piece Dinner Suit Outfit
£ 50.00
with a shirt and bow tie
£ 58.00
with a shirt, bow tie and standard waistcoat
£ 70.00


2-Piece White Tuxedo Outfit
£ 68.00
with a shirt and bow tie
£ 78.00


Black jacket, evening trousers, Marcella shirt, bow tie and waistcoat
£ 98.00


Consisting Dinner Suit outfit plus 2 shirts and 2 bowties (2 week hire) .
£ 85.00


BLACK Patent Shoes (Mens' sizes 5 to 15 only)
£ 10.00
BROWN Brogue Shoes (Mens' sizes 5 to 13 only)
£ 10.00